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Parents like the board game Scrabble and it’s many variations.  The games are fun and help build spelling skills. 

For the younger kids, there is Scrabble Jr.  For those who prefer a fast pace game, there is Scrabble Slam.  For the older kids, the Scrabble iPhone app is all the rage.

Scrabble Jr. has colorful pictures to keep your little one attention and has tiles that are just the right size for little hands.  The kids match the tiles to words spelled out on the board and collect chips when a word is spelled.  The winner is the person with the most chips at the end.  As your child gets older you flip the board over and they spell out there own words.  This game will grow with your child. 

Scrabble Slam is the fast paced version.  Beat the other players by using your cards to change four letter words.  You might change same to fame, but hurry because the first one to get rid of their cards is the winner. 

Visit http://www.hasbro.com/scrabble/en_US/shop/browse.cfm to see all the Scrabble options available.

This is an uncompensated review of the Scrabble products

State Benchmark Tests

Parents are often curious about the standardized tests given to students.  The websites below will allow you to download a limited number of sample questions for your state’s benchmark exams.

Arkansas: Augmented Benchmark Assessment/SAT 10 MAT8 

Arizona:  AIMS Sample Tests

California:   Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) Released Items

Florida:  FCAT Released Tests & Questions